Download private Terraform modules authenticating as a GitHub App on CI/CD

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This is a quite technical read, that pretends to show a real world problem and solution. Requires knowledge on Terraform, git and GitHub Actions. The code is along the article, and I will try to explain what it does in an abstract way so it’s easier to understand, however there’s links to official docs at the end as well so if you don’t get what the code does, go check docs!

Why would I even do that?

Okay, so two problems arise:

  1. Security is a concern: public key auth is secure, but having your private key on a runner even as a secret, impose a risk. So we would like to have temporary and read-only credentials. This is the reason why we decided to go with a GitHub App.
  2. Lots of code invoking terraform modules in SSH format : so, git has 2 main forms of cloning repos, one is SSH and the other is HTTP. Authentication via GH App is done with a token, and this token only works with HTTP auth, so we needed a way to change the URLs on the fly since we cannot afford to update all the IaC code to call modules in HTTP format.

In a nutshell, we require to add to our CICD Terraform workflow, an action that authenticates and sets-up a valid token from GitHub, and also changes URL formats on the fly for git clone commands (done by Terraform init)

The solution

The python way 🐍

There’s a module called PyGithub, which basically is a python interface for their rest API, and that sounds much better than using curl and bash or the request module, so I wrote a little CLI program that can be called as “python” and it will authenticate as the GH App and set the token in ~/.git-credentials as (Code on

Then the second problem, on the action we use Git InsteadOf feature, to add 2 things:

  1. Change to
  2. Change ssh:// to

We also set-up the credential.helper to “store” so our .git-credentials file is relevant to git. (Code on

Note: you need to set-up the HOME variable on the workflow before launching git config commands otherwise the workflow will never use global git config.

Then we have the CICD (Code on which basically runs the action and clones a private repository to demonstrate the usage of the credentials and git config previously set by our action. Neat!

Note: Secrets APP_ID, INSTALLATION_ID and PRIVATE_KEY are required to set-up on the repo in order to get a valid token.


Register your app:


GitHub Action syntax:

GitHub workflow syntax:


Git instead of:

Git credentials:

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